:: malam tadi ::

howkey, mlm tdi ad majlis khatam quran anak murid ibu sy, 2 org adik beradik. Syafiq n Syahirah.
si Abg da 2 kali khatam nn adik bru skali...siyes santek bju si Syahirah.mereka adik beradik mengenakan warna merah sedondon...tukang bce doa is Angah n mc dye ibu...siap ada kek...yg tak bleh blah, si Odah pn memeriahkan majlis, tp dgn sy kt dlm bilik...huhu...tp yg tak leh lupe tu, ad stu incident tat i still remember until now on...incident on the kitchen. i was onlining, and than the curly cuty aminah ask me for some water. She took her favorite plastic mug. But, inside it stil have some water. i didn't know about it and i juz want pour some water from a bottle front of me. Suddenly i heard a sound of spilled water or spilled by sumone and it is Aminah. I feel so angry and try to control it and ask her to rough water that spilled with a rags and she juz do it without any compliment and suddenly a pity feels has come to me and juz ask her come to me and i juz pour the water for her... i juz advise her not doing it again...and she said....orayte...

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